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Beacon Coffee Company

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Coffee & Tea

For the Beacon founders, John and Jennifer Wheir, coffee has always been about the experience. Delivering a world class coffee experience begins long before the first aroma of raspberry, chocolate or the multitude of other natural flavors ever hits your senses…

“We are not doing great unless every stakeholder in the supply chain is doing great”

Offering only the finest coffee has been a core value for John since discovering his coffee passion over 20 years ago. Working with the industry’s premiere coffee roasters allowed John to fine tune a philosophy promoting long-term sustainability while responsibly sourcing the finest coffee beans in the world. John and Jennifer seek out symbiotic relationships with small producers and Single Estate coffee farms to help ensure the transparency of Beacon’s supply chain. This transparency reinforces the trust levels that are necessary to ensure Beacon has access to the finest selection of coffee beans.

Driving sustainability is not just about making sure the farm can produce coffee year after year. John and Jennifer view sustainability as a holistic approach to the coffee ecosystem. If the community surrounding the coffee farm is struggling, that will eventually impact quality and supply. Every origin trip includes time set aside to work with the farming community and evaluate community needs. In partnership with the supply chain, Beacon is able to contribute to resolving community needs, such as repairs to school buildings and structural support for improved milling operations.

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Beacon Coffee Company

5777 Olivas Park Dr Unit R

Ventura, CA 93003