May 16 2019
Jul 07 2019
"Wordless Conversations" with Melanie Roschko and ...

"Wordless Conversations" with Melanie Roschko and ...

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Melanie Roschko has a diverse background, from having studied Landscape Architecture at UCLA to later becoming a PSIA certified ski pro and teaching skiing lessons in Aspen, Colorado for 20 years. Seeing her vibrant personality, mismatched earrings, and bold streak of black-dyed hair, it’s no surprise that throughout it all, nothing could keep her away from the easel. In life, she’s enjoyed stopping to enjoy small “Kodak” moments, and she communicates these experiences in her abstract paintings.


When Connie Tunick begins to paint, she embraces the freedom to experiment with new techniques and media, often surprising herself with where the creative process takes her. As each piece evolves, they take on a life of their own, with many layers beneath the surface. She uses art as a form of communication and “speaks” a visual language with the audience through familiar imagery. Intrigued by nature and textures, Connie’s garden inspired her to learn about color and how to see this language of art.

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2019/05/16 - 2019/07/07

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