May 20 2017
No Boundaries Artist Reception

No Boundaries Artist Reception

Presented by Fox Fine Jewelry at Fox Fine Jewelry

Frances Elson is passionate. Her life’s work has changed many times, but it always has one constant: full immersion. One could say that Elson is smitten, that is until she finds her next passion. There is nothing subtle about Elson’s dedication, and we are fortunate that Elson’s dedication for the last 19 years has been creating fused glass.

When asked to describe her fused glass style, Elson says, “I cannot find a simple answer.  I see possibilities along so many paths and I feel an urgent need to explore every one . . . Every moment spent in my studio is a challenge to learn something new and my art has evolved along with my personal growth.  How fortunate I am!”

Chris Weber lives life without a net, and loves it just that way. Like her scary near misses during her years of flying experimental airplanes, Weber’s artwork starts without a plan and takes shape during her journey. Her intentional choice not to follow traditional rules means she paints wherever and whenever she pleases.  Some work is plein air around her home in Ventura, others are in her studio, and still others are during her motorhome travels of the U.S.  One thing is certain, Weber’s art is much like Weber herself – enigmatic, and bursting with color and expression.

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2017/05/20 - 2017/05/20

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Fox Fine Jewelry

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