Feb 06 2015
Jul 03 2015
1st & 3rd Friday Painting Parties

1st & 3rd Friday Painting Parties

Presented by Red Brick Art at Unknown

Join us for a fun adventure in painting with Red Brick Gallery's Painting Parties. You will learn the techniques to paint your own acrylic painting, you can choose your own colors and add your own flair to your painting. What makes our parties unique is that we all start with the same theme, but everyone's piece will turn out different, you really have a chance to make it your own!

"Big Waves" Friday, April 5th 6-8:30pm $39 each or 2 for $68
Learn to create movement with paint as you create your own acrylic crashing wave with white foam. We will explore the various elements that give you a natural feeling of a big crashing wave with luminosity, depth and color.

Beach Sunset Friday, April 17th 6-8:30pm $39 each or 2 for $68

Explore the sunset along the coast as you learn to paint our vibrant sunset. Learn to create movement in your sky and a luminous sun. This fun class is all about the feeling you have at our beaches, basking in the sunset. Create your own sunset and pick your colors to match your house.

Spring Blossoms and Love Birds Friday, May 1st 6-8:30pm $39 each or 2 for $68

Explore the simple beauty of the classic cherry blossom tree, blooming tree or a whimsical tree in this fun class. Choose your own colors and style.

Anacapa Sunset  Friday, May 15th 6-8:30pm $39 each or 2 for $68

Paint an escape to the Iconic Anacapa Rock in this evening class. We will paint a bold sky, soft waters and the Anacapa Arch with a soft reflection, learn to create a variety of textures in paint.

Turtle Swim Friday, June 5th 6-8:30pm $39 each or 2 for $68?

Learn to paint your own swimming sea turtle in a deep blue ocean or tropical teal escape. Choose from a variety of turtle paintings for ideas and use one of our templates to create the shape with ease.

"Mountain Reflections" Friday, June 19th 6-8:30pm $39 each or 2 for $68
We will paint a dynamic sky with soft clouds and movement as the backdrop for our grand mountain range and its reflection in the water below.

Tropical Palms Friday, July 3rd 6-8:30pm $39 each or 2 for $68

Paint your own vibrant colorful sky with any combination of vibrant and unique colors. We will then add a variety of fun palm tree silhouettes to the foreground creating you own tropical palms.

Two Trees Painting Party Friday, July 17th 6-8:30pm $39 each or 2 for $68

Paint Ventura's Landmark in this ever popular and fun Painting Party. Each student will paint their own soft or dramatic sky and hillside that the two icon's live atop. Choose to paint a more realistic set of trees or a fanciful pair. You will learn to create clouds, distance in your hills and fun little trees.


Join the girls at Red Brick Gallery for a new and unique social event with an artistic twist, several Friday and Sunday Painting Parties every month. You’ll enjoy uncorking your creative spirits as the pleasurable combinations of painting and fun come together to create an incredible evening you will want to repeat over and over again.

This entertaining night out provides an upbeat, casual yet creative atmosphere where Red Brick Gallery’s experienced and enthusiastic resident artists will guide you step by step through the process of recreating the party’s featured acrylic painting.

This party isn’t about creating the perfect piece of art nor is it a serious art lesson, it is about exploring your imagination and having a fun-filled evening as you get a peek into your inner creative artist. At the end of the evening, each guest will go home with the best party favor ever, your very own a one-of-a-kind art creation.

Each Arty party will be totally different than the previous one. They all will be filled with fun new friends, diverse opportunities to express your creativity and a wonderfully relaxed, social atmosphere in an inspirational gallery environment. We encourage you to bring your cameras so you can capture your experience. Please post your pictures on our Facebook page so we can share in the moment!

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$39 each or 2 for $68

Email: info@redbrickart.com

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2015/02/06 - 2015/07/03

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