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   Ventura, CA, 93001

Erik ReeL, born and raised in Seattle,  lives and maintains a studio in downtown Ventura. Represented by collections in New York, Berlin, Los Angeles,, Chicago, Buenos Aires, Houston, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Paris, London, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Seattle, Indianapolis, San Diego, and Santa Fe [NM] . Public collections include: Seattle City Light, City of Seattle, Museum of Ventura County. ReeL's painting emphasizes improvisation, exploring issues related to mark-making and signification.

ReeL attended Whitman College, majoring in mathematics; the University of California, at Berkeley; and the University of Washington in mathematics, art history, and studio art, graduating summa cum laude in 1975. He studied art history with Rainer Crone and Ettlinger, painting with Jacob Lawrence and Michael Spafford, color with Dahn, a student of Albers, sumi-e with George Tsutakawa, and Chinese brush with Hsai Chen.

In the 1970s ReeL wrote on art for Vanguard, ArtExpress, High Performance, ArtWeek,  a weekly column for the Bellevue Journal-American daily newspaper, and was arts editor for the Seattle Voice city magazine. He sat on the Seattle Arts Commission Special Task Force for Media, and the Special Task Force for Educational Institutions in the Arts. For half a decade he taught art history, color theory, life painting, and design at the Seattle Central Community College before leaving Seattle in 1984, coming to California in 1995.


Selected Exhibition History

Solo and Two-Person

2018   Erik ReeL, Gray Space gallery, Santa Barbara
2017   Epiphany, Porch Gallery, Ojai, California
2016   Full Circle, Morris Graves Museum of Aart, Eureka, California
2014   Silence, SCIART, Camarillo, California
2014   Rebar, Museum of Ventura County,  Ventura, California
2014   Standing in Boots, w/ Nash Rightmer, WAV, Ventura
2014   Featured artist, City Clerk's Office, Ventura City Hall, Ventura, California
2013   Tabula Rasa, 643 Project Space, Ventura, California
2013   Suite Spot, Ventura Executive Suites, Ventura, California
2012   60 @ 60, Ventura, California
2011   Signs, Vita Art Center, Bell Arts Factory, Ventura
2011   Markings II,  B Street Space, Oxnard, California
2011   Markings I,  B Street Space, Oxnard, California
2009   Viva la Vida, Laurel Ventura gallery, Ventura
2009   Turbulence, w/ Vonder Gray, Gallerie 255, Ventura
2008   Erik ReeL at the Love House, Ventura, California
2008   Caruso Woods, Santa Barbara, California
2008   Faculty Club, University of California, Santa Barbara
2006   Autochthon, Caruso Woods, Santa Barbara
2005   Indonesian, Caruso Woods gallery, Santa Barbara
2004   Faculty Club, University of California, Santa Barbara
2004   Musician's Den, Caruso Woods Gallery, Santa Barbara
2003   3 Venues, Santa Barbara Film Commission
2003   Faculty Club, University of California, Santa Barbara
2003   Night Balcony, Delphine Gallery, Santa Barbara, California
2002   Delphine Gallery, Santa Barbara, California
2002   Vinland, Delphine Gallery, Santa Barbara, California
2002   Yaman Rag, FC, Unversity of California, Santa Barbara
2001   Faculty Club, University of California, Santa Barbara
2001   Gardens of the Night, Delphine Gallery, Santa Barbara
2000   Dreams of Paradise, Delphine Gallery, Santa Barbara
1988 - 1996   did not exhibit
1987   Mazey Hickey Gallery, Seattle
1986   Whatcom County Museum, Bellingham, Washington
1985   Jackson Street Gallery, Seattle, Washington
1984   Cornish Institute for the Arts, Seattle
1984   Night Voices, with Sue Ann Harkey, Seattle Art Museum
1984   Jackson Street Gallery, Seattle, Washington
1984   Face to Face, with Jimmy Jet, Seattle Pacific University
1983  Jackson Street gallery, Seattle, Washington
1983   I Dream the Shattering Price of Wisdom, Ace, Seattle
1982   Warehouse Paintings, Vogue, Seattle
1981   Wall Drawingand/or alternative space, Seattle
1979   Facing Death, Evergreen State College, Olympia, Washington
1979   Some Seattle Drawings, and/or alternative space, Seattle,
1977   A Reading After Robbe-Grillet,  Cabaret Voltaire, Seattle
1977   Alexander Sasanoff, Seattle, Washington
1975   Alexander Sasanoff, Seattle, Washington


2018     82d National, Butler Institute of American Art, OH
2017     Art For Living, CICA Museum, Seoul, South Korea
2017     From the Collection, Morris Graves Museum of Art, Eureka, CA
2017     Contemporary Abstraction, Sullivan Goss, Santa Barbara, CA
2016     For the Earth, Postmodern, Washington, DC
2015    Out of the Great Wide Open, Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara
2015    Retablos for Peace, Museum of Ventura County, Ventura, California
2014    100 Grand, Sullivan Goss gallery,  Santa Barbara, California
2014   Cuento Cups, Museum of Ventura County, Ventura, California
2014    Ventura County Arts Council, Ventura, California
2013   100 Grand, Sullivan Goss gallery, Santa Barbara
2013   In the Detail, SCIART, Camarillo, Califonria
2013   Elizabeth Gordon gallery, Santa Barbara, California
2013   WAV [Working Artists Ventura], California
2013   Art for Peace, Vita Art Center, Bell Arts Factory, Ventura
2012   Something Old, Something New, Pistol Productions, Ventura
2012   Undressed, Pistol Productions, Ventura, California
2012   SCIART, Camarillo, California
2012   Vita Art Center, Bell Arts Factory, Ventura, California
2011   Vita Art Center, Bell Arts Factory, Ventura, California
2011   StoneWorks, Ventura, California
2010   Print Electronico, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2010   Epocha Nueva, Casa Del Mexicano, Santa Paula, California
2010   Laurel Ventura Gallery, California
2009   California State University Channel Islands Invitational
2009   VCAC Selects Ventura's Best, Ventura, California
2008   Mirror, curated: Paul Benavidas, Ventura,
2008   Earth and Sky, Gallerie 255, Ventura, California
2008   Caruso Woods, Santa Barbara, California
2007   Rainbow Alliance Show, LGBT Support Network, Ventura
2007   Caruso Woods, Santa Barbara, California
2006   Elizabeth Edwards, Palm Desert, California
2006   Caruso Woods, Santa Barbara, California
2005   Elizabeth Edwards, Palm Desert, California
2005   Caruso Woods, Santa Barbara, California
2004   Society of American Graphic Artists [SAGA], New York City
2004   Landscape Unlimited, Chicago, Illinois
2004   17th Parkside National, University of Wisconsin
2004   McNeese State, c: M. Druit, Sr Curator, Menil, Houston
2004   Signal+Noise, Center4Research/Electronic Art TEch., UCSB
2004   Artlink Contemporary, Fort Wayne, Indiana
2004   Montpelier Center for the Arts,  Montpelier, Virginia
2004   Las Vegas Center for Art and Design, Santa Fe, New Mexico
2004   Elizabeth Edwards, Palm Desert, California
2004   Buddha Abides, Caruso Woods, Santa Barbara, California
2003   Lisa Kurts Gallery, Memphis, Tennessee
2002   Lisa Kurts Gallery, Memphis, Tennessee
2000   Artists for World Peace, Pavilion for World Peace, Kobe, Japan
2000   Artists for World Peace, Karpeles Museum, Santa Barbara
1988 - 1996   did not exhibit
1985   New York, LA, Seattle, COCA, traveled: Seattle, LA, New York
1985   Seattle Art Museum, c: Gene Barto, Brooklyn Museum of Art
1985   Henry Art Gallery, University of Washington, Seattle
1984   City of Seattle Collects, c: Howard Fox, Seattle Art Museum
1984   Dark Voices, performance, Seattle Art Museum
1984   Burning Angels, Cornish Institute for the Arts, Seattle
1984   Sliver Birds, performance,  Poetry Seattle
1983   Jackson Street Gallery, Seattle, Washington
1980   Foster/White Gallery, Seattle, Washington
1979   Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, DC
1979   William Traver Gallery, Seattle, Washington
1978   6500 x 20, and/or alternative space, Seattle
1978   Bellevue Art Museum, Bellevue, Washington
1977   International Flux Fest, c: George Maciunas, and/or, Seattle
1976   c: Wayne Thiebaud, Del Mar Museum, Corpus Christie, Texas